Editor’s Note - Issue 1: In Ourselves

Open Concept is a collective archive to share our creative works with one another.   This first iteration of Open Concept, In Ourselves, is a space to share what we are creating during this period of isolation. For this issue, the site will be updated weekly. Each Sunday I'll collect things you've sent to me and publish them on Tuesdays. This is a way for us to commune and see what each other have been up to - a weekly zine, check in, archive, collection, viewing space to share creative endeavors.

Our work may be influenced by what is happening in the wider world, what is happening in our own worlds, or within ourselves. This will be a space for friends to share images, writing, musings or completed projects. Working on something is a way to keep us sane, to make sense of this situation, and to be in touch with each other in a more thoughtful way. With a weekly deadline, friends are motivated to create regularly and see what each other are working on.

Despite the fear and uncertainty of this time, there are still positive things we can hold onto - we can make space for holding each other in a creative community. I am so grateful that I'm not yet affected by the virus, and I know this puts me in a privileged position to use this time as any sort of productive or beneficial resting period. I don't want to romanticize the situation we are in, but think this is an extremely rare and incredible circumstance to be living through. It has uprooted our lives as we knew them, and who knows how things will change - how long we will be physically isolated - how much will change with our environment/ economy/ population/ government/ lives - how deeply entrenched in our digital worlds we will become? What if we will forget how to interact with each other? What if everything collapses and this is the end of it?

I have found that expressing myself through writing or visual art has made me feel more grounded. I've begun to think of my isolation as an incubation period - an unexpected, indefinite amount of time to spend alone and explore our habits, and ourselves, more deeply—without excess distraction and the business of the every day. Thus, the title of this first iteration of Open Concept is In Ourselves.

In time, we will leave isolation and this period of intense immersion within ourselves. As this happens, Open Concept will evolve and expand into new issues, which will similarly seek contributions. But for now, we are In Ourselves.

x Nora

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Open Concept, 2020